Make yourself attractive and enviable with wiccan beauty spells

Magic beauty spells are all about faith, confidence and trust we have on the efficacy of these spells. In many cases these magic spells do not work because the person who is performing the spell does not have actual faith in it. Even in case of love spells or spells to be attractive and desirable the proper procedures need to be followed along with trust on the efficacy of the spell. In most cases the spells are supposed to be done at a particular time too. This ensures that the positive energies residing within the universe is able to help you in finding the right results. Due to this time factor, trust factor, and the use of the items in exact form and amount, the results of the spells vary from event to event and individual to individual. Sometimes this spells are also considered to be a part of witchcraft and spell casting.


Are all spells present in the witchcraft bad? Of course no is the answer. In many cases the spells mentioned in witchcraft can be used by the people for their benefits. For example Wiccan beauty spells to be striking and desirable spells for reviving good health spells for getting back lost charm etc. are good examples. In case of spells to be attractive and desirable the spells can lead to amazing results within not time if they are performed as mentioned in the techniques of witchcraft. But in this case too self confidence and trust on the spell’s efficacy has to be there. If each and every factor is kept in mind and then the spell is casted it is bound to show results. In case of Wicca spells to be eye-catching and enviable the person with charm who is casting the spell will be blessed to become more attractive and enviable.


There are various forms of the same spell in the witchcraft techniques. Depending on the person or witch you choose to cast a spell, the technique, the time and the materials required might vary. In spells generally very common items and time of casting the spell is used. But this does not imply that the results will be general just because common items are being used. So have faith, do as needed and perform the spell casting process as instructed, or even better use the assistance of a witch. This will help you make yourself genuinely attractive to others.         


Wiccan spells that work fast


Before we discuss on the Wiccan spells which works fast, it is necessary that you know what a Wiccan spell is and what effects it can bring to an individual, what it is all about, etc. Wiccan when explained basically a religion practiced in the contemporary world, having its origin in parts off Ireland, Scotland etc. Wicca actually means the prudent one or the intelligent being. From the dawn of history it has been seen that individuals who have been associated with magic or spells have had their inclination with the forces of nature and have harnessed these forces of nature and used them for several benevolent needs like healing, curing etc.


Wicca in the contemporary world is not just a rigid religion where one needs to follow a set of rules and norms as per the rule book given but is a kind of practice which is very flexible having the basic principle of harming none and doing good for others. The prime principle of each Wiccan practitioner is respecting every individual and living being on this earth. Even while a wiccan performs the wiccan magic, he or she does it with great respect and has no intent of harming and individual or causing any ill effect upon any one.


When we term magic spells what exactly do we mean by that may be something which is coming to your mind. Let me explain. A magical spell is one which is basically performed or done with the prime intention of bringing about a desired and wanted effect in any individual’s life. While one performs a spell, it could be either simple prayers which are chanted to bring about the desired results or it could be the usage of various objects like candles or plants of medical value or it could be the usage of imaginations and varied kinds of visualizations.


A spell is defined as a medium of communication between the forces of nature which surrounds us, to harness them and use them for brining effective and desired results for achieving our required needs and wants. But again let me tell you that performing a magic spell is not that easy as you think. It has much to do than this. You would need to channelize your energy while performing these spells. Any individual can awaken this hidden energy with our self. All that is required is meticulous practice and the determination to do the same with a pure concentration. Strong focus is required for performing any kind fo spells for bringing about the desired and effective results.


Few basic principles which a Wiccan follows can be summarized as follows. The most important principle is harming none and bringing evil upon none. Second being that a Wiccan never worships Satan and does not believe in performing any kind animal or human sacrifices. Thirdly, the symbol of Wiccan is a pentagram which is basically a star having five points where each point has its own significance. The top one indicates the Inventor or the maker, and the other four points indicates the prime four elements of nature viz. Water, Earth, Fire and Air.


Will discuss now on one spell which will aid the readers reading this article in understanding how the Wiccan spell works. Many come to the aid of a spell caster when they feel that something has been done upon them for which ill luck or bad omen is not moving away from their lives. Here we will discuss about spell which can aid in breaking another spell which has been cast.


You would require little basic stuff for performing this spell - A candle which is black or gray in color, a big sized cauldron, a white satin ribbon and a handkerchief which has been used by the person concerned. Now fill the cauldron with water and light the candle, float the same on the water surface. Tie the ribbon the cauldron and make 3 knots while doing the same. Soak the handkerchief in the water and then repeat the spell 11 times without any kind of interruption.


As thy water embraces the fire within
Let thy force come within me
Embrace me and remove the chants which have been casted upon they humble servant
Oh goddess of nature
Cast your mercy upon this humble and dutiful servant
Listen to thy prayer
Let the spell which is working with me now
Be shunned and casted away to darkness
I implore your protection and help
Oh goddess of nature
Cast your mercy upon this humble and dutiful servant


It is essential that the spell is casted in the way it has to be meticulously by focusing your mind and heart on the purpose for which the same is being done. Only a strong and focused mind can achieve the required desired results.