Wiccan Morality

Wiccan Morality

Defining morality or immorality is always a battle of different ideas and a saga of conflict. The battle is still on because society still understands that morality is a relative idea. If you can justify your action and do not think it is immoral. How can someone else decide if it is moral or immoral? Does any person have the right to criticize your path while he or she has not been on your way ever? Despite these words, there is something called society, and you cannot possibly ignore it, as you have to live with it in anyways. Though morality is not applicable in different societies, the idea has always been there.

Wiccans do not have any ethical code as such, but they are also bound by some ideas. These ideas are not that much for binding them, but making them aware of their responsibilities or must follow. If someone has power, he or she must understand the responsibility that is associated with the power. As the good old fellows used to say, “ With greater power comes greater responsibility”. That is why the Wiccans believe that they must take responsibility for things they are doing despite the freedom to act. If the action is good, the result will be good; otherwise, results can get adverse.

The return of the same force with triple power

There is another idea, which the Wiccans had. Whatever action one performs, be it good or evil, they will face the return of the same force with triple power. If you have done something good, your body, mind, and spirit will be blessed with divine happiness. If you have done something evil, then you will be thrashed by the rage of God. This belief is very much like (the idea of) karma, found in the religions and ideologies of east and south East Asia.

Throughout the years and centuries, the ideas of morality have changed a lot. Initially, what was thought to be immoral is not regarded as such anymore. The full understanding of morality and immorality stands upon the ideologies and newer trends in society. With time, the perspective of society changed drastically. Modern people have ignored and denied loads of old ideas. Wiccans are not the only part of the society which has evolved. The rest of society has also changed over time. So, a lot of new trends in Wicca spells can be found these days.