Wicca religion and beliefs

Wicca Religion and beliefs

The world consists of various religions and various religious ideas. It is quite hilarious that the God of one religion turns into a devil in another. One religion thinks Goddess as the equal or complementary part of the universe. While another believes Goddess does not exist. Wiccans have their own unique theology. There are various views of theology in Wiccan, but the basic belief is constructed around a God and three Goddesses. Based upon this idea, other beliefs like duo-theism, polytheism, animalism, etc. have been conjured.

In the pagan world, Gods and Goddesses have their own places, and they were thought to be complementary to each other for keeping the balance of the universe. When Christianity came, Goddesses lost their place. But in Wiccan belief, both the male and female deity still represent the polarity that should be there to retain the world’s balance. If you do a comparative study of the pagan world and belief, you will find a similarity in the pattern of providing gender to the natural elements. In most pagan religions, the moon is female, and the sun is male. The earth is always female because it stands for the image of a mother.

A continuation

The triple goddess belief actually consists of a maiden goddess, mother goddess, and crone goddess. They stand for virginity, fertility, and wisdom, respectively. According to some of the Wiccan sects, the Goddess is more important, and some others have criticized this belief. The Horned God and the Mother Goddess were worshiped by the witch-cult, and Wicca is supposed to be a continuation of that very cult. The trend was prominent during the medieval period, and it is still going on.

According to pantheism, there is only one God who is most powerful and is the main power behind the universe. This God is an entity that no one can know or understand completely. In the view of polytheism, there is more than one God. Rather there are many deities, and they have their own entity and rights. There is another view, which illustrates that all the Gods and Goddesses are actually the manifestation of a single God and Goddess. In animism, the Gods are given the shape and look of animals, like the horned Godhead.

Believe in the afterlife

This animalistic manifestation of God is also there in the Wiccan belief. Afterlife has been a mysterious area, which has been treated by people throughout centuries and throughout religions. Wiccans also believe in the afterlife. Some sects believe that the human soul is reincarnated in the same species for learning things, but some other sects think the soul is reincarnated in various species. Not much emphasis is given to the afterlife in Wiccan belief, though.

All these discussions are going on for hundreds of years, and no one has ever reached a conclusion. It will remain in the same state, probably for many more years down the line.