Wicca Spell Casters and Witches

Wicca Spell Casters and Witches If you are looking for some helpful information about Wicca and spell casting, then this article is the perfect destination for you. It is always a big dilemma for people to cast spells on their own or hire a spell caster. Casting spells on your own may be a good … Read more

Wheel of the Year

Wheel of the Year In ancient times, human beings used to keep track of time based on the various natural phenomenon and festivals they celebrated during that time. Wiccans are no different from the early human being, and that is why they have various celebrations and festivals around the year. These festivals are known as … Read more

Tradition and Wicca

Tradition and Wicca Tradition is much big a word than normal people understand. If you consult the dictionary, you will come across the meaning the tradition is going on for a long time and hasn’t changed much. The meaning of the word gets changed depending on the situation and also on the context. In different … Read more

The origins of Wicca

The origins of Wicca During 16th and 17th centuries, phenomena called “witch hunts” took place in different European countries and America. During this time, somewhere between 40,000 to 100,000 were ruthlessly killed. Allegedly for being a witch or evil. These people were executed as they had some strange rituals and religious beliefs. Then, people of … Read more

The Divinity in Wicca

The Divinity in Wicca According to Wiccan perception, the theory of divinity is generally theistic. The existence of God and Goddess is very distinct in the Wiccan philosophy. Basically, Wiccans are polytheists, and they believe in several deities, resembling the Pagan philosophy. But, the perception of the God and Goddess varies a lot. Some see … Read more

Wiccan Ritual Practices

Wiccan ritual practices Like any other religion, there are various rituals performed by the Wiccans. These rituals are used for sabbats, worshipping, or for performing magick. From ancient times, a solid relationship between these ritualistic performances and the moon’s position can be observed. Wiccans also depend very much on the moon. Most of the rituals … Read more

Wiccan Rites of Passage

Wiccan rites of passage If you are interested in knowing about rites of passage, you have to delve a little deeper into retrieving as much information as possible. Among the various rites of passage observed by Wicca, the most important one is definitely that of initiation. If all these seem to be a nice and … Read more

Wicca religion and beliefs

Wicca Religion and beliefs The world consists of various religions and various religious ideas. It is quite hilarious that the God of one religion turns into a devil in another. One religion thinks Goddess as the equal or complementary part of the universe. While another believes Goddess does not exist. Wiccans have their own unique … Read more

Wiccan Morality

Wiccan Morality Defining morality or immorality is always a battle of different ideas and a saga of conflict. The battle is still on because society still understands that morality is a relative idea. If you can justify your action and do not think it is immoral. How can someone else decide if it is moral … Read more

The History of Wicca

The History of Wicca If you are interested in learning the magic of Wicca, you must first learn Wiccan history. This will give you a clear idea of the beliefs and rituals of Wicca. Knowing the history would be the key to extracting the logical explanation of various Wiccan spells and rituals. Even in this … Read more