Wiccan Ritual Practices

Like any other religion, the Wiccans perform various rituals. These rituals are used for sabbats, worship, or magick. From ancient times, a solid relationship between these ritualistic performances and the moon’s position can be observed. Wiccans also depend very much on the moon. Most of the rituals take place on a full moon and sometimes during a new moon.

During traditional rituals, the coven assembled inside a magical circle, which is thought to be pure and filled with all the positive vibes of the world.

While the circle is drawn or cast, the guardians of the cardinal points are invoked and worshiped, along with the natural elements they stand for, i.e., water, earth, air, fire, and aether. After the casting of the circle, a seasonal ritual is being performed. Prayers are enchanted, and some spells are used. The Wiccans ritual requires a set of items, like the knife known as Athame, a wand, a pentacle, and a chalice. Apart from these, some other items include broomsticks, cauldrons, candles, incense, and a carved blade. This blade is known as Boline.

The Wicca circle

Inside the circle, there is an altar, or mostly, the circle is drawn around the altar. On this altar, the ritualistic items, which stand for God and Goddess, are placed. To enter the circle, one has to go through a ritualistic fast and bath. Once everyone is inside the circle, the ritual begins, and at the end of the ritual, the circle is closed. Then, the guardians, God and Goddess, are thanked for everything.

Some Wiccan beliefs also include a special ritual known as skyclad, which involves working and performing the ritual naked. This tradition seems to reflect Italian witchcraft.

Some of the other sects or rituals are not so stern. One can wear robes and regular clothes while performing those rituals. Some rituals require the God and Goddess’s invocation to possess the high priest and priestess. Then, they get intimated sexually to get the magical energy to use for the spells afterward. Sometimes, the whole thing is performed symbolically with the knife and chalice. Outward this entire thing may give a wrong idea, but once you start to understand the deep thought behind it, things will become easy to accept.

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High Druidess Alisson