Wiccan Rites of Passage

Wiccan rites of passage

If you are interested in knowing about rites of passage, you have to delve a little deeper into retrieving as much information as possible. Among the various rites of passage observed by Wicca, the most important one is definitely that of initiation. If all these seem to be a nice and complicated riddle, then you are not very wrong in a way. Unless you are well aware of all the facts, you cannot hope to solve the riddle.

That is why you must read and develop an understanding of the whole thing. The initiation ritual is that particular ritual through which someone new joins the cult and becomes a new Wiccan.

After the initiation, you become one of the most common members of the Wicca. Now, if you wish to proceed further, you have to go through the other rituals. For proceeding from the first degree to the second degree, you have to follow other rituals and another ceremony. In this second ceremony, the use and names of the different ritual tools are described.

The person, who is proceeding to the second degree, gets his or her craft name during this ritual. According to the rules stated in British Traditional Wiccan, people who proceed to the second degree can refer other people for the initiation process and start their own semi-autonomous coven.

Becoming a high priestess

The next and highest of the degrees is the third degree according to the British traditional Wiccan. To this degree, people are allowed to take part in the great rite, actually or symbolically. After getting into this degree, people are allowed to create their own coven, and this coven is fully autonomous. According to the books on this subject, a high priestess only becomes a queen when she successfully passes on her first new coven under a new high priestess.

Only then is she allowed to wear the moon crown. This tradition of high priestess and their lineage is going on for years.

Apart from the traditional depiction of the rituals, other Wiccans believe in self-initiation. Under this tradition, a person can initiate himself or herself to become a Wiccan. There are other rituals too in Wiccan tradition apart from just initiation. There are rituals concerning marriage. Under the Wiccan rules, a child can be a part of a ritual known as Wiccaning, it is similar to Baptism of Christianity, but Wicca does not force the child to become a Wiccan when he or she grows up.