Wiccan Morality

Defining morality or immorality is always a battle of different ideas and conflicts. The struggle is ongoing because society still understands morality as a relative idea. If you can justify your action and do not think it is immoral. How can someone else decide if it is moral or immoral? Does anyone have the right … Read more

The History of Wicca

If you are interested in learning the magic of Wicca, you must first learn Wiccan history. This will give you a clear idea of the beliefs and rituals of Wicca. Knowing the history would be the key to extracting the logical explanation of various Wiccan spells and rituals. Even in this era of the hi-tech … Read more

The Five Elements in Wicca

  From the time human beings started to think and discover the truths about life, the concept of five elements came into existence. These elements have been represented differently in various religions and races. But the basics have always been the same. These five elements were thought to be the basic ingredients of the human … Read more

Wiccan Book of Shadows

In Wicca, there is no so-called holy book or sacred text like the other world religions. Some texts and traditions are regarded as very important, and they influence the beliefs and practices of the sect’s people. Book of Shadows is one such book for Wiccans, influencing the Wiccan follower’s beliefs and rituals. These books have … Read more