The Five Elements in Wicca


From the time human beings started to think and discover the truths about life, the concept of five elements came into existence. These elements have been represented differently in various religions and races. But the basics have always been the same. These five elements were thought to be the basic ingredients of the human body. Based on the ancient ideas about the five elements, these ingredients have been used to perform various magical rituals over the years. Wiccan rituals are no different. They also have a predominant perception of the five elements.

Birth of new life

Under the Wiccan belief, the five elements are earth, water, fire, air, and aether. A pentagram represents these elements. This is not only for Wiccan philosophy and belief, but it is also one of the most potent symbols throughout the world. All these elements are thought to be the reason behind the birth of new life and its continuation. The five elements represent the human body’s five ingredients and compass cardinal points. Air means east, fire south, water for the west, the earth means north, and spirit or aether is for the center.

Some other Wiccans do not believe in this association of the Pentagon and the five elements with nature’s five directions. In their view, Wicca was first initiated and developed in England. Thus, these directions are perfect for the geography of southern England only, not for other areas.

The pentagram and the directions

The directions and the representations should change according to the availability of the elements in that region. For example, people living on the East Coast of America must obtain water from the East and not from the West as the water body is East and not to the West. Depending on these particularities, the pentagram, and the directions should be changed accordingly. Another sect thinks that the five elements are the five deities, and they are the offspring of the primary God and Goddess.

Indeed, this pentagram is one of the most powerful and significant symbols for any Wiccan ritual. These symbols have other significance, too. They have been used in different religions and other ritualistic practices. Nowadays, the symbols have lost their power and importance and have become just a star representation. But, in reality, they are more powerful than a piece of drawing.

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High Druidess Alisson