The History of Wicca

The History of Wicca

If you are interested in learning the magic of Wicca, you must first learn Wiccan history. This will give you a clear idea of the beliefs and rituals of Wicca. Knowing the history would be the key to extract the logical explanation of various Wiccan spells and rituals. Even in this era of the hi-tech world, many people have faith in Wicca or Witchcraft, as they work miraculously in some cases.

Before moving forward, it should be noted that Wicca is not black magick, rather a piece of white magick. It is often used to save a relationship, which is at the dead-end of a breakup. Wiccan spells work magically and create a deadlock between the two people so that it can never be broken ever.

The historical existence of the Wiccan is clearly visible from the rise of the Neopagan religion. This religion is related to magick, black magick, and witchcraft. It was the early stage of the twentieth century when the perception of this religion began amongst the covens around England.


The secretive covens manufactured the base of the religion through several rituals, which are generally called witch-cult. Writers like Margaret Murray had used the term “witch-cult” in her writings. The prevailing witch-cult actually came into the limelight of the modern world during 1950 through Gerald Garner’s documentaries. Garner practiced this cult with some experiments, which made the Wicca more acceptable to the mass. This form of Wicca is often known as Gardnerian Wicca.

Luckily, Garner found some followers who can carry on this cult to make it more popular in front of the world. Some great and eminent followers of Gardnerian Wicca are Robert Cochrane, Sybil Leek, and Alex Sanders. Due to the strong magical powers and social values, the witch-cult was generally started to popularize among the native Englishmen. However, no significant global venture of this cult was observed at that period of time. But, later, this started to scatter in the different parts of the world. From Britain, it started to propagate in different European countries. Soon, the concept became popular in the USA.

During 1970, the witch-cult was on hype. Several books were written at this point in time. Some famous writers are Scott Cunningham, Paul Huson, Janet Farrar, etc. From their documentation, a lot of good information is crafted by modern historians. Since 1970, the rising popularity of Wicca proves its immense power and effectiveness.