Wicca Love spells work to return a lover

I have tried everything to return my lover, but only a love spell work

Last summer, I broke up with my girlfriend, and despite my efforts, she wouldn’t return to me. So, being an authentic Rumanian guy who lives in Transylvania (near Brasov) and hearing all my childhood myths and superstitions, my mind flew at some stories that my mum told me when I was a child about some witches and spells that can bring back your love and even make someone fall in love like crazy with you.

To be honest, I didn’t believe in this kind of practice at first, but I thought to myself that it was worth a try to bring back my lost love. So I went to a gypsy sorcerer, she asked me to pay her first, as much as I pay her the spell supposed to be more powerful she said, I don’t think this has any relevance, but whatever.

A love poem to sing

After I paid her, I told her about my problem and then she assured me that my love problems would be over if I did exactly what she asked me. She asked me to write a kind of poem and to sing it on a full moon night at midnight with the following specification: to place honey and salt on a steel shovel, then put the shovel on fire and say:

You, big salt

You, big honey

I warm you

I ignite you

You’ll heat you up

You’ll burst into flames

Like you’re warmed up

Like you’re lightened up

As to start to burn

As to light up

(the name of your lover) of my face

Of my body

Of my soul

And don’t let her appease

To burn her heart

To light her up

Of my body

Of my soul

Like it is heating

The fire

The straw fire

Like to heat up

The heart in (name of your lover)

Of my face

Of my body

Like the salt is punching

Like the honey is melting

Like to heat up

Like to light up

Like to punch up

The heart in (name)

Of my face

Of my body

To not have peace

And quiet

Not even in her bed

To not eat

To not rest

To not sleep

Until you’ll come to me

I followed the instructions precisely, and a curious fact is that the fire started to die slowly after I finished the incantation. Usually, the fire would burn for at least an hour or two. But anyway, nothing happened after. It had passed a week, and nothing happened until I accidentally met her at a bus station one day. I didn’t say anything to her at the station because I felt uncomfortable seeing her.

Something amazing happened

On the bus, he sat right next to me, and after a while, we started to talk. When we got off the bus, we kissed. It was purely magical. I always thought magick was bad and didn’t exist, but I became very passionate about magic after this happened. We have been together since then, and we plan to get married.

I hope this little free love spell will help you regain your much-desired love. You don’t have to believe it for it to work. I did not believe it at all, and it still worked. Some friends tell me that was a coincidence, but I do not think so. When magic works, you feel it. Do not expect the invisible forces that will compel you to do something. It just gives you a wonderful feeling of peace and tranquility. It is like when you think something will happen, and it is actually happening.

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High Druidess Alisson