Be attractive thanks to a Wiccan love spell

You don’t have confidence in magick? This can be unfortunate as magick spells can produce many amazing results you should experience in your lifetime. In the next paragraphs, I will present three spells that will make you more attractive and confident in yourself.

Magic mirror Wiccan ritual

We can say that mirrors have become a classic item in magick. Modern magick does not deny this fact because it is used with the same intense effect. First of all, you need to anoint the mirror with oil.

Use corn germ oil, cooking, or cosmetics oil. Remember that oil is symbolic. Put a drop of oil on your finger and touch the four corners of the mirror, saying in mind: “Bless this mirror with love and joy.”

After you have done this, look at yourself in the mirror – pay attention to your beautiful traits, ignoring your dislike. Then make dark in the room – pull the curtains. If the evening (night), leave only soft light (e.g., a lamp standby). Put yourself in the mirror and examine yourself again, insisting on what you like most about yourself.

After you focus on 30 seconds, light a match and watch how the light dances on your traits. The mirror is now magic.

Every time you look in this mirror, you have a secret that will always load your aura to expose your charm.

Now, we will reveal the next spell. Pay attention because this one is a little more complex.

This is a standard magic formula that both sexes can use. Follow the instructions carefully, and he or she will fall in your arms in no time.

Wiccan Love spell Instructions

  • 1. Light incense rose (can be regular incense that you poured a little oil rose) Friday night because Friday is the day of Venus – goddess of harmony and love. Do it as close to midnight.
  • 2. Light two red candles; red symbolizes passion and awakening.
  • 3. On two pieces of paper, write your partner’s name and put on a drop of wine if it is a male or a bit of sweet perfume in case you’re a woman.
  • 4. Put the paper under the candles.
  • 5. Seek mental relaxation and imagine your boyfriend sitting alone in an empty dark. While you visualize, imagine shining a red light begins to wrap him, containing his entire physic. After a minute or two, let the image fade.
  • 6. Practice the ritual five consecutive nights at the same hour.

This ceremony is excellent and rekindles passion if your partner’s sexual interest in you has dropped. In this case, ensure the 6th night will be alone for the ceremony’s full effect.

Wiccan Love Ritual

Pass a needle through a red candlewick. Light the candle, concentrate, and tell the following incantation:

“Needle flame, fire needle, penetrate her thoughts, make him squirm and not to know peace until his heart returns to me.”

And now the 3rd one: Take four wires of silk, half a meter long (it would be perfect if you have a wire taken from his cloth) and burn a little at both ends in the fire of a white candle. Be careful not to wear metal on you, and then say this:

“I tie you and stay tied
Silent, astonished
The star from heaven,
As water from the well
Stabbed thwarted
The earth in the flesh of man
Tion of clay and stone
Until I avenge sheep
(his name) heart, I’ll take.”

Then, pass the wires over the knife and put them aside. You need to repeat the spell of nine times for a day and a night. Be prepared to give in return things you care about most and have unpredictable results.

If you feel that casting a spell on your own is too difficult or not your thing, let me help you! I cast free Wiccan love spells for a limited time to help you solve your love-related problems!

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