10 tips to get an ex-lover back (tips for women)

The latest scientific experiments demonstrated the existence of the soul and spiritual existence. From this, we can easily deduce the existence of spiritual energy that we didn’t know until now, that we encounter every day without any idea of how much it influences us. The use of spells and charms in our society is greater than you can imagine.

Before you try spells, use these tips

Did you want to make someone fall in love with you using powerful magick love spells? That sounds great, but maybe you want to try another approach first. The approach is that you can be assured that he likes you for your personality and traits.  Here are some steps to make him see you in a new, attractive light!

    • 1- You can use this particular love spell for a person to kiss you. You would need a red candle, a piece of (any kind) paper and red lipstick. What to do: Light up the candle, draw lips marks on paper, and then keep the sheet above the candle, thinking about the person you want to kiss. Then recite: “Kiss me Kiss me when we meet (full name of his / her) greet me with your lips and tell me you missed me. But most of all, I want to kiss me”. (Remember to visualize that you are together and you kiss)
    • 2- You need a ring (it can be a fake), a string, or a necklace. Wear a ring on the string each time you meet with the person; soon after, his thoughts will be focused on your marriage!
    • 3- Light a candle (usually a white candle and holy tea) and put it on the windowsill overnight. In this way, you call your love.
    • 4- Perform this love spell in your bedroom. Open the window, go in a circle clockwise, and say:
      “Turn around and knead it, out, out, out. Evil revealed, and flare doubt, out, out, out”. Clean destructive emotions out the window with your hands. In support of burning oil, burning oils of the essence of ylang-ylang, myrrh, and coriander. Go in a circle clockwise and say, “Winding, winding, winding, peace, and joy, now find you. A true love connects winding, winding, winding. It’s true!”
    • 5- Sprinkle a mirror with water three nights in a row, which you soak Jasmine in, so he can see you as the most beautiful!
    • 6- Turn every Friday night a candle placed on red velvet for his love not to cool down.
    • 7- Pick gallium flowers and catch them in your hair after bathing. I will upload the aura of positive energy and avoid deception, disappointment, bad luck, and evil eye! The gallium flower power draws the love of everybody.
    • 8- Sprinkle her/his clothes with rosewater for him to be protected from the advances of other women. The liquor must be made from fresh petals placed in spring water on a Saturday and left to macerate for three days. Every day, turn the water once with your finger to symbolize an unbroken love.
    • 9- If you want to call your boyfriend on, spit on and forefinger while you touch the forehead on the sole of the shoe once and the second time, saying, “Come to me, I need you.” Simple, right? The ritual must be repeated thrice daily, then wait to beat on your door.
    • 10- On two pieces of paper, write your partner’s name and add a drop of wine if you are a man or a drop of perfume if you’re a woman.
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High Druidess Alisson