Love spells with white candles

Love spells with white candles

One of the most used ingredients to cast love spells is with candles; each different color of candle bears a specific reason for its use. Love spells with white candles are used when the love spell is cast to bring harmony and peace to a relationship. White is a sign of peace. White candles are also used by voodoo magicians when casting love spells to summon the LOA or the sacred soul to help the caster cast the love spell.

Later we would also be talking about love spells with pink candles, but let us stick to love spells with white candles. Let us understand the importance of white in our life and the effect of white in nature, and the effect of white in the world beyond life. Before we step into understanding the above-mentioned parts, let me also brief you that white candles are found in many shapes and sizes, like the heart-shaped or a normal-shaped candle or like that of a human figure.

However, white candles being used for specific reasons we mostly use either the normal shape or the couples’ shapes. They could be big, small, tiny, or large in size, though.

White candles for many types of love spells

If there is no understanding between two lovers, or you and your lover easily get into arguments for pity reasons, the harmony between two lovers is lost. If there is an irritation between lovers, the spell caster or the love psychic would cast love spells with white candles in all such cases. A lot of houngans would use white candles before casting a love spell, they would light up five or seven white candles on an altar which would be white in color and is covered with white flowers, and this is done to summon the LOA or spirit who gives powers to the houngans for casting the love spell for many different reasons. This way, a houngan or a mistress can use white candles to cast other types of love spells.

Using specific color candles for specific reasons can only be performed by a learned spell caster, but you would find many free love spells with a white candle, which you can cast yourself also. You would need to understand how to cast the spell and the ingredients required to be used and how to be used. Below is a love spell with a white candle that you can cast all by yourself to strengthen your relationship and help grow more trust between you and your lover.

Instructions for a white candle love spell you can do today

Take two heart-shaped candles, both white in color. On one of them, engrave your full name, and on the other, engrave the full name of your lover. The names should be written on both sides of each candle. Turn both the candles facing each other, use a little light from the match stick to soften each side, and stick both the white candles together.

Once done, light up both the candles together, let the candles burn until both the names start melting into each other. As soon as both the names on both sides start melting into each other, start chanting the below spell and stop as soon as both the names both sides have melted and dissolved into each other.

“You are mine
I am yours
Trust in each we keep adoring
The deity of love
Anushamam anahilitum
Bibbatuttum jorum jorum
Blessed be we
Through time and within
Together we be forever thou shall thee.”