Suppose Wicca really works: Would you cast a spell to get your lover back?

Suppose Wicca really works: Would you cast a spell to get your lover back?

Wicca term used to name this religion, faith, or even philosophy of life, the way you would like to call it, seems that is not way too old and actually did not really know exactly where it came from. Common points of the people who call themselves Wiccan are ancient. Their origin is found in those pagan religions for thousands of years ago; From a time when mankind was still in touch with mother earth on a daily basis.

With all forms of life we come across, (from the Sun and the Moon, air, fire, water, and earth, God and Goddess in those days), they did not have calendars or clocks. Valuable time for them was to measure the Sun or the Moon’s motion in the sky or the birth, development, getting older, death, and rebirth of vegetation around’s.

How many today’s people still look around them? How many lift up their eyes to look at the moon or how much longer felt it? See how many cycles of nature and how life changes around them?

Not a way to force nature

Now the big question, would you use a Wicca spell to get your lover back? To answer this question, you must first understand that magick is not a way to force nature to make your wishes come true. This is a completely wrong idea, fueled by the belief that magick is supernatural somehow as if everything that exists can be outside of nature. Magic is natural. It’s a harmonious movement of energy needed to create change. If you want to practice magic, you have to forget about all Opinions that this would be paranormal or supernatural.

But besides that, most practitioners of Wicca do not believe in predestination. We know that we are free souls who have full control and responsibility for our lives with all honor and worship the God and Goddess. We cannot point the finger at the image of an evil entity, like Satan, and blame it for our mistakes and weaknesses. We cannot blame fate.

Every second of every day, we create the future, outlining the course of our lives. Once a Wicca practitioner assumes full responsibility for everything he did (in this life and in the past) and decides that further action will be in accordance with the highest ideals and goals, magick and life will flourish and be a joy.

The manifestation of divine energy

Perhaps this is the principle of Wicca – a joyful union with nature. Earth is the manifestation of divine energy. Wicca temples are the meadows enameled with flowers, forests, beaches, and deserts. When a student of Wicca finds themself surrounded by nature, it’s as sacred as a Church for a Christian.

Besides, all nature sings delight us, revealing her secrets. Wicca practitioners listen to the earth. They do not stop the lessons he tries so desperately to give us. When we lose contact with our planet blessed, we lose contact with the divine.

The laws of Wicca are also a natural consequence of Wiccan people’s deep belief in nature and life and love and closeness to it. These laws are the second common thing to all Wiccan, making them wear this name. Do whatever you want as long as you do not hurt anyone and everything you do come back threefold. The first law tells us primarily about responsibility, love, and respect, and the second is a deep natural law, a law of Mother Nature. Wicca does not have a well-defined code of laws as found in other religions, but you learn to be responsible and take responsibility for what you do.