Cast a Wicca spell: stop a divorce or a breakup

Are you on the verge of divorce or breakup? Are you about to lose the man you love the most in the world, due to some unexplainable distance or other unavoidable circumstances? Do you think that there is no hope at all? Are you finally giving up? If you have only one affirmative word to answer all these questions, then you are in need for something which can bring hope and mend your broken heart. There is a medium called magic and that will help you to mend your situation and bring that man nearer to you. Wiccan spells will be your perfect option in such a situation.


Just like all the other Wiccan spells, this one is also quite easy and uncomplicated. The ingredients that you require are all available in your kitchen. So, you need not have to go to the supermarket before you cast this spell. Only make sure that no one disturbs you when you are performing the spell and if you can do it right, you will get your wish. The ingredients you will need are as follows, a piece of parchment paper, a wooden pencil, a red candle, a tea spoon of each basil and cacao, 6 drops of rose oil and wooden matches.


For performing this spell you have to draw your own circle. Then you have to light the candle and have to do that consciously. You also have to be very alert throughout the total performance. Then you have to write your name on the parchment and your husband’s name just underneath. In the next step you have to put three drops of rose oil on each of the names and add the dried herbs on it. Then you have to take up the candle and held it high. At this point of time you have to open up your soul and your spirit to make the spell work.


After holding the candle up, you have to drop liquid wax on the mixture on the paper and you have to continue this process until the whole thing gets covered in wax. While dropping wax you have to wish for your divorce or breakup to stop with as much mental power you can master. After the whole thing gets covered into wax, blow the candle off and say your wish loudly. Wrap the paper and dispose it off to nature. You can burn it, bury it or can dispose it into some water body. You have to light the remaining candle during the next full moon until it gets finished. This way you will be able to thwart off your divorce or breakup.