Attraction spells with honey

Attraction spells with honey

By using different methods and processes, a sticky substance is derived from the beehive. Sweet to eat and is used to make lots of sweet and tasty dishes. Yes, by now, you all might have guessed it already, I am talking about honey. It is naturally produced sweeteners that only the female bees can produce.

Apart from this tasty eating sticky substance being used only to eat and make sweets, there are many other uses. One is as an ingredient in love spells. Honey is perfect for spells cast on women. Since honey is produced by female bees, carrying the characteristics of a female, Wiccan love spells with honey are used to attract females into a relationship. a woman with a honey spell

Many spell casters and love psychics would use honey when casting a love spell on a female. These spells are often accompanied by items to be eaten, and the items are made of honey. If you have lost your girlfriend and want to bring her back or you want to propose to a girl so that you do not get rejected if you are just looking for a specific woman to be lured to sleep with you for a night, then love spells with honey would be your best solution.

Love spells with honey are mostly cast by spell casters who are mastered with love spells in their profession; however, you might also find many love spells with honey for free online. If you know the right ingredients and how to use them, then even you alone can cast a free love spell with honey for your own use. Just make sure your intention is genuine. Below is a love spell with honey created and designed to make a girl kiss whenever you want.

Honey-kiss love spell

  • You would require the photo of the girl whom you want to kiss you.
  • A cup of fresh honey,
  • a cup of olive oil,
  • and a cup of rose water.

In a bowl, mix the rose water, honey, and olive oil to make a thick paste. Take a spoon made of wood, pick a spoon full of the mixture and put it inside your mouth and all over your lips, then kiss the photo of the girl. If you have a close-up shot where the lips are visible, then kiss on the lips so that all the honey sticking on your lips and those inside your mouth drips from your mouth on the picture, follow this procedure nine times and each time you complete it, chant the below spell twice.