Love spell to make someone love you

Are you in love with someone? Has the magic of love captured and covered you completely? If it has, you must try something to make it work. When you have fallen in love with someone or like someone and want him to be in love with you, you must work a little harder to get everything working. The question is, how can you make someone love you?

Love is a spontaneous emotion; you cannot manipulate someone to love you. These are the pieces of advice that you will get from your friends and advisers if you confide in them.

Your friends and well-wishers will tell you the solution or thought process of the pragmatic and practical world, which is pretty accurate. Are you losing hope after reading this sentence? Then, this next sentence will help you to regain some hope. What is not possible normally or in this world’s regular ways can be done with a bit of manipulation. If the manipulative way is a magick, things will become fun.

You can make the impossible possible if you know of Wicca or Wiccan spell. You can cast a spell on the person you are in love with and make him/her fall in love with you. Using a particular spell can make that person get besotted by you.

Learning how to cast a love spell

Now, the question is, how can you learn to cast these spells? How can you learn Wiccan spells to get you out of the problem you have? You must delve deeper if you lose your sleep because of this problem. You will find that there are no such hassles in learning spells.

There are websites and books on this. You can buy those books or contact those websites to learn things. You can also put your question in front of the website. The moderator or owner of such websites is very prompt in replying. Most of them claim that their solution is completely reliable, effective, and permanent.

If you think spells are not your forte, you can brew a potion instead or turn to free love spells cast for you online.

Yes, there are recipes for love potions, and if you can brew them properly, you need not worry about your problem. The potion will help you get what you always wanted. People will tell you that love is something that happens and nothing can ever make it happen, but the truth can be a little different if you are ready to experiment. There is always a different and exciting way; all you need to do is believe in that and be a little adventurous.

How to build a love talisman

We have often debated which love spells are stronger and why, and many times, we have added to our delivery potions and talismans. Till now, all we know is that a portion of a talisman can be made only by a love psychic or spell caster practicing love spells. Still, today, after long and arduous research, I will share with my audience how to build a love talisman.

I already know by now that this will be an eye-popping article of mine because no one to date might have explained anywhere how to build a love talisman, but today, I will disclose all the facts. A step-by-step-by-step guided instruction will help all my readers to build a love talisman because love-related problems come in almost most of us, none the less if we see the statistics, we will find that love spells are one of the most ordered spells considered to be with white magic or black magick.

Thus, listen up, my friends and fellow readers. Here is something I will now reveal to everyone. Read it carefully, then implement the method and build a love talisman. Once done, start using it and get back to me with the results. Good or bad. It worked or did not work; remember to write back to me or post in your comments, no matter the results.

My love talisman

  • Take a meter-long fresh twig from a pine tree and a two-meter-long twig from an oak tree. Grind them together and keep them aside.
  • Mix one pinch of saffron sandalwood powder in the ground mixture, grind them again, and keep aside.
  • Take five different metals: gold, silver, platinum, bronze, and nickel. All must weigh five grams each. Take them to a goldsmith and ask the goldsmith to mix them together to make a locket.
  • Keeping hollow space in the locket. The hollow space would be filled with the mixture, half of which you already have read on how to prepare, and the other half you will now read on how to prepare.
  • Once the locket is ready, wear it in a silver chain or red thread around your neck. It is even better to make two of the same kind: one for you and the other for your lover.
  • Now that you have all these items handy, you will need a few more things to complete the mixture. This time, buy these items per your talisman requirement, so if you are making one, you need one of each. If you are making two, you would need two of each.

Finalizing the talisman

Take cellophane paper and a napkin, cut them into small pieces enough to write your lover’s name, and stick his or her picture on the cellophane paper (your name and picture). In a small bowl, dip a little saffron in rose water to give it a red color. With the help of palm leaves, write your lover’s name on the napkin and stick the picture on the cellophane paper (do with your name and photo if you are preparing a talisman for your lover to wear).

Now light a heart candle, which should be either a pink and red mix or pink, red, and yellow. Keep a fresh utensil nearby to collect the ashes. First, burn red, pink, and yellow rose petals in the same number as the total of your lover’s full name.

Collect the ashes, then the picture of the cellophane paper and the napkin with the name. Collect all the ashes, mix the ashes with the mixture you have already prepared, grind them, and make a powder out of it; put the powder inside the locket made of five different metals; the opening needs to be then sealed using molten wax from the same heart-shaped candle while sealing the locket, say

“Be mine, Forever mine,” five times.

Wear the locket, and if you have made it for your lover, give it to him or her to wear.

This talisman will ward off any evil spell cast upon you or your lover to break your relationship. You both will be together forever till death apart, both of you.

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