Five familiar relationship and love troubles... Which do you want to overcome?

Love and marriage should be maintained to live a happy and fulfilling life with your family. There are plenty of problems that may arise in the life of the couple, starting with differences of opinion, disputes on financial issues, ending with in-laws problems, common or personal friends loses or infidelity. All can be solved before it is too late but only if they predict, act and take a stand early. And all starts by making as many of the things that you notice over time that are positive, that as few things that harm. In the following we will give some tips in this regard.


Relationship problems can be triggered by unexpected events such as job loss, illness or death of a child. But any major changes in life, even those we have chosen, such as moving to another house, having a baby or lives with a parent can put enormous pressure on the relationship. Many people have stressful relationships, abusive or alcoholic, long-term illness, no job or extra-marital relationships. Whatever the problem, the first step to solving it is to recognize them.


Here are some of the most common sources of stress in a relationship:


Fear of change

Sometimes we are afraid that our partner will change, sometimes we fear that there will be no change at all. Even with the positive changes we can handle hard. When familiar habits and routines are changed, an unusual feeling for the need to adapt to a new routine created.


Talk honestly about changes is the best way to handle this problem. Discussing fears of a relationship, the hopes, motivations and practical problems, make the change to be printed in a daily routine easier. Even a fight is better than to keep your emotions closed.


An adventure

Many of us fall in love and begin a relationship thinking that it will meet our needs and that we will live happily ever after. When we give of problems at work or home, it is easy to blame the relationship and believe that we stand with the wrong person. At this point it can be tempting to give up the relationship and began an affair with someone else.


A lover does not necessarily end the relationship. Urge to have an affair is often a symptom of problems between you two. To evaluate the dilemma is important to listen to both sides and disappointments and needs to use a professional help.


The Sex

Although sexual difficulties are often a symptom of other problems in some relationships they are the problem. People are often shy or ashamed to know, but many such problems are resolved with professional help.


Long-term sick person

Disease in a family puts enormous pressure on the relationship. Outside the work involved, healthy partner will often develop feelings of jealousy. They must find a support group discussion to raise tension in the family.


Communication lack

We make an appointment when you want to ask for a raise or schedule an appointment with a friend when you have to ask him something important. But in a couple, many people become careless: talking with their partner while buttoning the remote or have a fast discussion because the child is late to school. An effective communication cannot exist where there are always disturbing factors. Set some rules for communication in a relationship.


Turn off the TV and the phone that can interrupt you. Listen to your partner and wait your turn to talk. Go with your partner in a public place where you cannot raise your voice. Avoid words that destroy receptivity and accusations such as "You always do that." Control your body language and body movements that can work against you.