How to Recover lost money , the wiccan view

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You might have seen or read about people taking help of Wicca magic to get money or win at a casino, but today I would like to state that Wicca is a religion which practices casting of free money spells to help those who need it, what I mean to say is Wicca not only can bring money to you with its powerful spells but can also get you back your own money which you might have lost or might be someone took it away from you by cheating or deceiving you. A fine example could be a house robbery where the robber robs you off and takes away your cash in hand and other valuable items, surely one would go into depression and in addition all those harassment of calling 911 getting the cops on the floor and filing dairies but at the end it is very seldom that someone gets back lost money or is able to recover it.


If you visit a witch or a spell caster who is practicing Wicca and tell them about your problem, they will definitely suggest you a spell on how to recover lost money. Though there are many different ways to cast this spell using Wiccan magic and most of them would also put little pressure on your pocket, thus look for a free spell from a spell caster or else you can cast the below written spell yourself.


You would need a chart paper, a lime green twisted candle and some peppermint oil, on the paper write the amount of money you have lost and then take some peppermint oil in your hand and rub it on the candle as well as on the paper, light up the candle and let it burn for five minutes, when the candle is burning chant the below spell for five minutes (the max you can chant the better), then fold the paper so that the amount cannot be seen and with the help of the wax from the candle seal the paper, go to a nearby river and throw the paper on the flowing water, in a week or two you will recover your lost money and the amount would be exactly the same of what you have written on the paper.


Please note that the amount written on the paper should be exactly the same amount that you have lost and you want to recover, a penny more or a penny less will not make the spell work. Also you need to remember that the amount you have lost or the money you want to recover should be the amount of money that you have lost or being robbed off by someone.



“Lucusumus vericolum
Come to me mote it be
Come to me mote it be
Totum titotama
Biglusium lucurevism
What I lost was mine
Bring it back to thine
I wait for days, weeks, months and years
Those who took it away bring thy say
Lucusumus vericolum
Come to me mote it be
Come to me mote it be
Totum titotama
Biglusium lucurevism”



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