How to know if your lover is cheating on you

Modern psychiatry provides many indicators that give us information when a person is hiding something from us. Not everyone has a lie detector, and even if you have no detector, one hundred percent does not guarantee authenticity. There are indeed small and harmless lies, other proportions, but nobody likes to be duped. We will present psychological indicators to help you see your partner’s lies.

It is said that liars tend to avoid eye contact with the interlocutor, but this is not a very safe way to detect telling lies, mainly because “guilt” can efficiently deal with this indicator. Blinking will be much harder to control, but this is shown when he’s not telling the truth and in case of tension.

Some signals to look out for

  • Palms rubbing, scratching his head, and using the hands to caress the different parts of the face may indicate lying. Because liars try to deal with the upper body, not telling the truth is much easier to detect on the bottom of the body: changing the legs and feet position gives you more reliable information than the hands and face.
  • Total or partial cover of the mouth and nose rubbing (when a person is lying, the nose region increases blood flow, creating an unpleasant sensation).
  • Masking negative emotions accompanying lies can be done through an “impasse expression” and a smile. Most people fail to differentiate a fake smile from a genuine one. False smiles last longer, are “formed” easier and are “broken” faster, involve only the mouth (not located in the outer region of the eyes) and often are asymmetrical (appear only on one side of the face).

These gestures can give it away

Contrary to popular belief that gestures easily detect the lie, the easier it detects a person’s speech following:

    • Liars deviate from the subject, saying something else than what is asked;
    • Give general information, and when asked for details, they don’t usually give extra information but repeat what they said before. An honest person gives details of space, time, and feelings of those involved, and when it is, brings much more new information;
    • Give answers that caused some confusion, inviting interpretations;
    • Use in more significant measure denial. In the Watergate scandal, Nixon claimed: “I am not a crook.”, Not “I am an honest man.”
    • Liars speak very little about them (using “I”, “me”, “me”, etc.) and use many generalizations: “none”, “never”, “anywhere”, “everyone” etc.
    • The message is transmitted more formally, without using expressions (e.g., use “I do not” instead of “I”);
    • If the lie has been repeated before, people tend to pause before saying it and speak more slowly than when telling the truth;
    • The pauses between words and sentences are more frequent than usual. They appear in “uh” or “um.” It happens even to abandon a sentence as liars develop a new one.
    • A simple method to recognize the dishonest man is to ask for a report. Digressions and stories will inevitably lose the train of thought. And if you do not lose the train of thought, you can pretend that you didn’t understand and put him to tell you once again.
    • Who has a habit of lying has a habit and embellishing stories. You should confront the person if the second time differs from the first story. If a mistake is made, the person can correct it. If your correcting annoys them, you can almost be confident it is a lie from the start.

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