What's wrong in using love spells to bring back an ex-lover?

The spell is a high level of magic incantations. A charming remote means to influence someone in his thoughts and intentions, but at the same time to influence himself. To make a charm requires a certain spiritual and bodily training, depending on the degree of difficulty of each. The charms are uses different clean household items, plants, water and incantations, which by some coded symbols and processes contributing to increase the power of telepathic suggestion, supported by the firm belief in the purpose.


In essence, the occult world is not too different from other worlds. In other words, what is good and bad in society is valid here too. For example, if you have a relationship that goes wrong, you should try to talk to make the other person to stay, but if she wants to go, it would be wrong to hold it kidnapped and imprisoned. If you are in this situation, you might want to do a spell to stay together, whether it be good or whether it is to the benefit of both. But it would be foolish to try to do a spell to bind a person against her will.


You must use common sense when, for example, someone is sick with cancer in the last phase, it is very unlikely (though still possible) as a spell to help that person too much. In general, it would be much better with orthodox medical treatment that (just as an interesting fact) currently encourages self-help techniques to treat diseases such as cancer. Discretion should be used. If someone is very depressed and wanted to commit suicide, would be more helpful to consult a doctor or a psychiatrist than resorting to some spells. To some extent, the more you are involved in emotional or mental incantation, the more are your chances of success provided that your involvement does not become an obsession. Finally, before spells, let me tell you that I sincerely hope that the ideas and information in this site to provide a sufficient basis to make your own spells, which is great in creating symbols of your own spells that they will have the power to choose what you want.


However, this site encourages those techniques. Do not be afraid to experiment, but remember, please, that your intention and motivation is very important. Sympathy attracts sympathy, the good good and evil attracts evil.


Need to understand the significance pentagram. Satanism uses the inverted pentagram for their own purposes. But in magic or occult, inverted pentagram symbolizes simply the domination of matter over spirit. Claim that the inverted pentagram represents evil is derived from a statement of Eliphas Levi, according to which beams of pentagram determine if it is evil or good principle: pointing up represents order and light, with two points up represents disorder and darkness. Levi provides no explanation or citation for this arbitrary distinction, equivalent arbitrarily pentagram with a symbol of Bephomet or goat-headed god. This ignores the inclusion pentagram, with the top down, the seal of Constantine.


You must be very careful at careless because you can make a mistake in the works that you will try. Otherwise, you can expect great danger. Spells danger is that they may turn against their practitioner and their maker, and forgetfulness may brings about loss of power and connecting soul to hell. So .... Pay attention!


Spells are " light ", i.e. those made in daylight in the morning or good watches and the " dark " ones taken at night, in bad time, when we call demons and evil entities and the gates of deep earth are opening.