Change your luck and financial status with effective luck spells

Change your luck and financial status with effective luck spells

Though money is not everything in our lives, finding happiness can also be very difficult without enough financial strength. In many cases, we see people committing suicide due to a lack of finances in serious situations. From basic needs like food, clothing, education, and shelter to luxuries like owning a car and high status in the community, everything needs money. Nowadays, people who have money have the power and those who do not actually crave it.

But as humans, we have tendencies of making easy and short-cut money. Therefore we gamble, play the lottery, bet on various competitions, etc. But each and every time, we cannot expect our luck to be on our side. Frankly speaking, if we really want to win lotteries or gamble games, we need a Wicca luck spell to win money at gambling. These spells can help us turn our fortune in just a few days.

The positive energy generated by Wicca techniques

When we know that our primary source of income is not enough for making our dreams come true, we opt for shortcuts in money-making. We cannot say that all the shortcuts are illegal or meant for losing rather than winning. We need pure luck and the positive energy generated by Wicca techniques on our side for winning in these gambling games like casinos, poker, horse race, etc.

Though confidence and talent are naturally required, often without luck, we tend to lose. Thus, we cast a spell to win money at gambling for bringing luck alongside us in these gambling events. These luck spell, if properly performed, can work miracles like they have done in millions of cases worldwide. What we need is sheer talent, confidence in ourselves, and trust in the luck spell’s efficacy.

Regarding the luck spell to win money at gambling, you will need information like the date you will play the game, the name of the game, lucky symbol or color for you, etc. In most cases, if the spell is properly cast, then it is sure to be effective and thus can change your future. We just need to keep in mind that with effective Wicca luck spells and confidence, the world of dreams can come within our reach. We just need to cast a spell to make it work for us.

Long back, as much as I can recall, I was once looking for the best spell caster for fast and free and was asking then for some free spell that you cast for me. Why is the obvious question that might have filled your mind by reading my first few lines, right?

Nothing seemed to work until…

Ok, here is the answer to why it is probably creating a volcanic eruption inside your little brain, and before it can explode, cool them off with my answer to your thought. Around a few years back, I did not have any job, which was not in my mind, but it happened, I did not have any job, and money was spent like flowing water from my pocket.

I tried out all options available to me, but nothing seemed to work out for me, and one day a friend of mine who was well settled in life, while talking to me, casually said – why don’t you cast a luck spell to change your life man. His words took space inside my eardrums and kept banging hard, made their way through my small tiny nerves to my brain, cleared up all space there, and sat, but did not rest.

Thus, I started looking for the most powerful and effective spell caster who can cast spells free for me. Though I did not know that spells change life, I said to the spell caster that I need a free powerful spell that definitely works on someone with a strong will.

My spell caster was great

The spell caster was a very professional one, but calm and serene, and I must also admit an excellent listener. She gave me a glass of water, asked me to have it and asked me to sit and take a deep breath, this calmed me down, once I was calm then she asked me my problem, I hurried up in stating everything because I did not know where to start and where to end. When I had stopped, she began summing up my narration and made a complete version of it, she said that she would cast a luck spell for me, which will help me boost my luck, bring in good health, and wealth and happiness follow.

She also told me that I was a victim of an evil eye, and hence she would cast another spell to remove the ill effects of the evil eye and make sure it does not affect me further. She laid down her charges before she could have begun, but that was not a hindrance, and I gave in. she asked me to come back after seven days.

I went back after seven days. She gave me an amulet to wear, which I am wearing until the date, and a spell that I cast once every week, since the spell helped me a lot, thus revealing the same to you lucky, be happy in life. God Bless!!!

The luck spell that worked for me

You need a white candle and need to cast this free spell on the day of each week in which you were born, cast it for a continuous three months, then after with a gap of three months, cast it once bi-weekly. After taking a bath, light up the white candle, and right at the time you were born and the day, chant the below spell the same number of times as in the letters in your complete full name.

Example: If your name is John Smith and you were born on Thursday at 15:30 hours, you need to cast the spell nine times on Thursday of every week starting right at fifteen-thirty hours. So you have your day and time, you have taken a bath and cleansed yourself, then you have lit up the white candle, now all you have to do is read below-written spell the number of times as instructed above.


“Abul Abul Taabul Taabul Lucus Lucrum Tubu Tubu
My name is
Help me get luck from all doors and windows
I sit right at my birth for it
I offer the warmth of this white candle to thee
Give me happiness in my life and within
Abul Abul Taabul Taabul
Lucus Lucrum Tubu Tubu.”
The first few words should be pronounced properly and exactly as they refer to paying respect to the luck god, god of happiness, god of prosperity, the god of wealth, and god of health.