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THANK YOU! – Your free Wicca spell will be cast shortly!

You’ve just been sent an email that contains more pieces of information about your spell and the process to make your wishes come true.

During the spell, I will be communicating with you (your spell) thanks to a telepathic kind of bond, and you might sometimes sense my presence. Don’t worry about this; it’s normal and harmless.

Wicca spells are using positive energies only, and you won’t receive anything but harmony and peacefulness from them.

If you don’t see the email in your inbox shortly, check your spam folder.


Persons who would like to thank me for the time I spend on their case are welcomed to help me in return. Unlike many websites where “free” spells are proposed, I am not asking you for any donation, but a simple click on one of my website’s sharing links. It may seem like a little thing, but be sure that every click fills my heart with joy, as I can feel people are grateful for what I’m doing for them!