Cast a Wicca Spell: Ceremony to Protect Your House from Evil Spirits

Whether you feel threatened at your own house or not, house protection spells are very effective and create positive vibes in your house. It is good for the household members too. You will observe some certain changes soon, after the successful employment of house protection spells. You will find you kids more energetic, your wife or husband jollier than ever. However, house protection spells become compulsion, when your house is captured by some evils or negative energies. Wicca spells have the magical power to give you complete protection from that evil.


People generally do not believe in the magical theory of Wicca. Actually, they do not understand the logics and science behind it. Wiccan spells are not something out of the world. In fact, they are kind of boons for the humanity of this world. There is certain number of house protection rituals available in Wiccan philosophy. You can choose one among them, which is mostly suitable for you.

Salt and Herbs

Remember that salt is a prime ingredient in the Wiccan rituals. For the house protection from the presence of evil, salt is generously used, along with some herbs. For best results, you must use coarse sea salt. But, if you fail to find that, then do not worry; regular table salt is good enough to solve your purpose. Now, scatter the salt in different parts of your house. Do not miss the dark places, windowsills and doorways. Now, you can add some herbs too, for quick and better results. Some of these herbs are: Witch Hazel, Fennel, Rue, Anise, etc.


Object Burials

In witch-cult, burying some magical substance near or into the house is very common for house protection. The feedback of such kind of measures is excellent and very encouraging for the others. Some of these magical elements are:

  • Witch Bottle – Witch bottle is a powerful charm, which you can easily create by yourself. If you feel, you are not confident enough in making this, then find a good spell caster. He or she will give you complete solution for this. Remember that you should always use a glass bottle, not a plastic one. With that bottle, you can add a few more magical charms too. Such as rusty nails, mirror, etc.
  • Stones or Crystals – Burying stones or crystals is another common spell in Wiccan philosophy, which is commonly used for house protection from evil power. Black stones and genuine Ambers are used for this purpose. They have amazing effects. Soon, your house will be filled with an aura of sheer positivity.