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Wiccan Money spells- Attract money



Free money spells can be found over the internet, Wiccan magicians uses the power of white magic and hence with the elapse of time have gone forward and distributed lot of free money spells, some by themselves and some you would find shared by others who might have got it from witches and have used it for acquiring money. Below is one free money spell that you can cast yourself, this spell is designed to give you an overall luck of acquiring money, that is after casting this spell you will become like a magnet who attracts money.


No matter you buy a lotto or place a bet on the roulette table or go for a job with a desired salary in mind, or might have debts that you want to come out of – this spell will help you to overcome all kind of money related problems, say on a given day you get up and you need money, you would think of the amount and before the day ends you will have it with you, such fantastic are the powers of Wicca hence do not wait longer read below to find out the procedure on how to cast the spell and the ingredients required.


You would require sea water, sea sand and mud from the river bed, and some pebbles from a pond nearby – put all this together in a tumbler then light up lime green, yellow, red, purple and blue candles surrounding the tumbler. Then on each of the candles stick one sandalwood and one rose flavored incense stick, during a moon eclipse light up the candles and the incense sticks, then chant the below spell till eclipse is over, then take bath with the water. Do this for fifteen continuous days and see the power of Wicca.


Wicca is a very old ritual turned religion and uses the power of white magic to cast spells, it is a very powerful way which helps people to overcome almost most of the problems in their life. Today the practitioners of Wiccan is scattered all over the world but are limited, though many are learning and taking up this new pagan religion, but still there is lot to learn. Until you use it you would not believe it, so above the ingredients and procedure is already mentioned and below is the spell that you need to chant, go ahead chant it and see the power of Wiccan magic.



“Money, gold and silver
And all that glitters
Look at me as is a magnet from within
Blessing I have if the mighty horn
And love I take from the moon god
I am ful of peace and fertility
Growth is all I want
Happiness is all I desire
Money is my wish
Comes to me whenever I switch.”




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